I love the Captain & Tennille!
in concert
Captain & Tennille Live Northridge July 4 (late 90s)
Captain & Tennille Live Primm, NV 1993
Tower Records Sunset 1995
Tower Records Sherman Oaks Dec 2005
Autographs from Sherman Oaks In-Store
Captain & Tennille remastered cds & TV DVD box set
read my review of the box set
Captain & Tennille 45 picture sleeves
My Favorite Albums of all Time (guess who's #1?)
Toni Tennille cover and interview Prescott Dog magazine 12.09
Billboard Ads from the 70s
TV Guide cover and article from 10.80
TV Show ad from 09.76
Newspaper Article for TV Show 09.76
Review of TV Show from 09.76 (harsh!)
LA magazine C&T Parody 4.06
C&T as animated characters on Cartoon Network's 'Casper's Scare School' 10.06
available on DVD
WABC Radio Interview with C&T 10.06
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RocketManLA C&T Medley (MP3) exclusive!
Robert W Morgan Special of the Week 5.79
Robert W Morgan Special Part 1 (MP3)
Robert W Morgan Special Part 2 (MP3)
Robert W Morgan Special Part 3 (MP3)
Robert W Morgan Special Part 4 (MP3)
Robert W Morgan Special Part 5 (MP3)
Robert W Morgan Special commercials (MP3)
Tahoe Snow
Tahoe Snow (original version from 7" vinyl) (MP3)
C&T in Spanish
Como You Quiero Sentirte (The Way I Want to Touch You in Spanish) (MP3)
Mis Canciones (The Good Songs in Spanish) (MP3)
Mi Mundo Irreal (Disney Girls in Spanish) (MP3)
Amame Una Vez Mas (Do That To Me One More Time) (MP3)
C&T talk about their music - from NBC Radio Special 11.80
Toni introduces Love Will Keep Us Together (MP3)
Toni explains Muskrat Love (MP3)
Toni talks about Mother Earth and Circles (MP3)
Toni talks about The Way I Want to Touch You (MP3)
Toni talks about writing This is Not the First Time for Cher (MP3)
Toni talks about recording Happy Together (MP3)
Toni talks about being on TV and Your Good Thing (MP3)
Toni talks about her early career and God Only Knows (MP3)
Toni introduces You Never Done It Like That (MP3)
Toni talks about her influences and Dream (MP3)
Daryl introduces Wedding Song and Do That To Me One More Time (MP3)
early Toni recordings - Auburn Knights
The Tender Trap (MP3)
Happiness is a Thing Called Joe (MP3)
I Love Him So (MP3)
Too Close for Comfort (MP3)
Allison Steele Interview
Allison Steele Interview Part 1 (MP3)
Allison Steele Interview Part 2 (MP3)
Allison Steele Interview Part 3 (MP3)
Allison Steele Interview Part 4 (MP3)
songs from Toni's daytime show
Danny's Song (MP3)
Desperado (MP3)
Georgia on my Mind (MP3)
Gimme the Night (MP3)
Heatwave (MP3)
Honesty (MP3)
The Hungry Years (with Neil Sedaka) (MP3)
The Last Time I Saw His Face (MP3)
I've Got the Music In Me (MP3)
You Never Done It Like That (MP3)
We Never Really Say Goodbye (MP3)
Proud Mary (with Dusty Springfield) (MP3)
You Need a Woman Tonight (MP3)
Toni answers questions from the studio audience (MP3)
Toni Tennille from An American Songbook
They Say It's Wonderful (MP3)
Can't Help Lovin that Man of Mine (MP3)
Rena Scott's cover of 'Do That To Me One More Time'
Rena Scott (MP3)
Nickelback's cover of "Love Will Keep Us Together"
Nickelback (MP3)
here's a song I think C&T should cover
Jesse Hunter - We Discovered Fire (MP3)
Captain & Tennille's Official Web Site
Toni Tennille's Official Web Site
Toni Tennille's blog
Zits comic 3.05
The Fusco Brothers comic 6.07
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Love Will Keep Us Together (1975) Song Of Joy (1976) Come in From the Rain (1977)
Dream (1978) Make Your Move (1979)
Keeping Our Love Warm (1980)
Complete Collection 6 CD box set
1976-77 TV Show 3 DVD box set The Specials 3 DVD box set Casper's Scare School DVD
In New Orleans DVD In Hawaii DVD The Christmas Show DVD Songbook DVD
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