Display work for various artists, record companies and retail stores
Displays Page 1
Marianne Faithfull book signing Tower Records 1994
Prince The Hits Warner Bros display Tower Records 1993
Duran Duran Capitol Records Tower Records display 1993
Barbra Streisand Sony catalog display Tower Records 1994
Elvis Presley King of Rock n Roll box set RCA Records display Tower Records 1993
Iggy Pop catalog re-issue Stand-up Sony Music 1997
Displays Page 2
David Bowie "Black Tie White Noise" BMG Tower Records 1993
Beatles Capitol Records Catalog display Tower Records 1993
Aerosmith "Get a Grip" MCA Records Tower Records 1993
Disney Lion King VHS display Tower Records 1994
Ben Folds Five piano shaped display stand for Sony Music 1994
Peanuts generic Christmas display Tower Records 1994
Arista Christmas display Tower Records 1993
Displays Page 3
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral Tower Records 1994
Rhino Records Power Pop Classics window display 1997
Rhino Records Curtis Mayfield Super Fly remaster window display 1995
Rhino Records The Cars Anthology Tower Records 1995
Country Music Dept Rhino Records 1995
Warner Bros Christmas display Tower Records 1993
Displays Page 4
Polygram Tears for Fears Elemental display Tower Records 1993
Generic Soundtrack Catalog display Tower Records 1993
Rhino Monkees catalog remaster Tower Records 1994
Arista Records Christmas display Tower Records 1993
Rhino Records New Release rack 1996
Arista Records Christmas Display 1992
REM Automatic for the People display Warner Bros Tower Records 1992
Displays Page 5
Rhino Records Have a Nice Decade Mural 1998
Rhino Records Sentimental Journey window display 1993
Rhino Records Nuggets box set mural 1998
Sony Music Legacy Series display case 1997
FM 101.9 Display Tower Records 1995
Rhino Records display endcap 1996
Displays Page 6 - Some Classics from the 80s
Eurythmics "Be Yourself Tonight" 1985
Frankie Goes to Hollywood "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome" 1984
Juno Awards, Vancouver 1990
Roy Orbison "Mystery Girl" 1988
Save Howe Sound Benefit, Vancouver 1990
David Bowie "Sound and Vision" Tour 1990
A Miami Vice Christmas, Toronto 1985
Video Department mural, Sam the Record Man, Toronto 1990
Sade "Diamond Life" 1985
U2 "Boy" 1980
UB40 "Rat in the Kitchen" 1985
Genesis "Abacab" 1981
Displays Page 7 - Holiday Windows 2007
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