The Wild Boys Are Calling: Meeting Duran Duran (part 1)

(published on ABBAMAIL Oct 2004)

As many of you know, particularly anyone who has been to my house, or seen clips of it in Ted's movie, Duran Duran is one of my favorite bands. They finally got the original lineup back together and have released a new album Astronaut. They are doing a signing tonight at the Virgin Megasore in Hollywood. Monday night at midnight the album went on sale, with purchase of the cd you get a wristband for tonight's signing.

So I went down there, Monday night around 11pm. I drove up Fountain to avoid the traffic on Sunset (even at that time, it is bad in that part of town), and entered the building on the west side. I walked up the stairs on the front, and was surprised that there was no line-up. Well, I hadn't expected a huge line up anyway, but I was surprised that there was NO ONE in line. I asked at the counter, just to be sure, "you're giving out the wristbands for Duran Duran tonight, right?" The clerk said, "yes, the lineup's around the corner."

Around the corner?

So sure enough, I walked out the front doors, and turned right, and on the east side of the building there was a lineup that stretched for two and a half blocks.

Two and a half BLOCKS.

So, with a sigh, I started walking towards the end (is there an end?), stopping to chat with a few familiar faces. Got to the end, a few feet from the Director's Guild Building, one block from Fairfax.

Had to stop and take a moment.

If the line-up is this long now, and they actually didn’t even announce that wristbands were to be given out tonight (normally it would be Tuesday morning, but I had asked one guy I know (major Duran fan) and he said, yes, the wristbands would be given out Monday night), how long will it be on Friday when the band is actually here?

And do I want to stand in this line, which is really only a precursor to the real lineup on Friday? Do I need to stand in this line?

After all, I have met Duran Duran several times. In 1993 when they had their first comeback with the Wedding Album and "Ordinary World" they were here in LA several times. I was working for Tower and my Capitol rep knew I was way over the top about DD, had been since day one (first hearing of "Planet Earth" in a night club, 1981). She got me into all the DD events for the next couple years, and there were many.

She got me backstage when they were on the Tonight Show. I weaseled my way into the filming of the video for "Too Much Information." I saw them perform several times. And went to every in-store. They played live at Tower Sunset. They played at Wherehouse in the Beverly Centre. They did a signing at Virgin for "Pop Trash". They did a signing at Wherehouse for "Thank You." They played at their own tribute concert in the parking lot at Tower Sunset. I met some or all of them at each of these events. Also I used to know where KROQ was, and almost every time they were in town they would stop in there. Which was a great place to meet people, because nobody knew where it was.

This week Duran Duran are in town. They are on the radio stations, they are on TV (Tonight Show, Ellen, more), I know what hotel they will likely be staying at. I love them (although not the new album) and always will (some members more than others).

I am faced with today.

I have a million things to do. I need to meet my trainer, I have to go to my lawyers, I have work to do at home. Also it's Friday, which usually includes an AA meeting at 8 and a late movie (tonight is opening day for "Team America"). Also, Nancy Sinatra is playing tonight at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, Morrissey and several other famous guests will be there; it's an autograph collector's dream. I have met Sinatra, but have never met Morrissey. Also, Paul McCartney is playing a benefit tonight, with Neil Young, and several big stars will be attending. McCartney is my hero (along with Elton John and Billy Joel) and I have never met him (or seen him perform, come to think of it.)

Duran Duran arrive at 8pm. If the preliminary line-up is any indication, there will be people in line by noon. I thought a reasonable amount of time wasted standing in line for one autograph (they have announced that they will sign the new cd only) is four hours. Which is still ridiculous. But even if I get there at 4pm. I will be very far back in line, and it's not like once 8pm arrives I will be out of there by 8:15. Conceivably I could be there until midnight, depending on how long the band is willing to sign autographs.

They gave out 400 wristbands, according to my friend, which actually is a lot. They gave out 250 wristbands for the George Michael signing, and he did not get through them all. Conceivably, if I get there "too late", I could stand in that lineup for hours and still not get my cd signed. Realistically, I need to get there shortly after noon.


What's the matter with me?

Rod Reynolds
needing to form a 12 step program for Duran Duran addiction in
Los Angeles CA USA

PS Megasore was not a typo, in the first paragraph.

Rod Reynolds ©2004 The Art Dept Los Angeles

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