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album reviews
Captain & Tennille "Songs of Joy" box set (Nov 2005)
Rickie Lee Jones Anthology (June 2005)
Rick Springfield - "Shock Anger Denial Acceptance" (May 2004)
George Michael - "Patience" (May 2004)
Tears for Fears "Everybody Loves a Happy Ending" (March 2004)
Carpenters "Gold 35th Anniversary Edition" (Feb 2004)
Shania Twain "The Woman in Me" (July 1995)
Michael Jackson "History" (June 1995)
Steve Earle "Train a Comin'" (1995)
Tanya Tucker "Fire to Fire" (May 1995)
various Rhino Capsule Reviews (2000)
concert reviews
Carlene Carter at the Mint (April 2008)
Duran Duran Live at the Staples Centre (Feb 2005)
Neil Sedaka Live in Beverly Hills (Dec 2004)
Paul Williams Live in Hollywood (Oct 2004)
Cyndi Lauper at the Roxy "At Last" (Dec 2003)
Rickie Lee Jones Live "Juke Joint Jezebel" (Oct 2003)
Suzanne Vega at the House of Blues (Aug 2003)
tv and movie reviews
Retro Cinema: The Planet of the Apes (June 2004)
Retro Cinema: The Poseidon Adventure (May 2004)
Retro Cinema: Stepford Wives (April 2004)
VH1 Bands Reunited (Feb 2004)
liner notes
A Tribute to Depeche Mode (1999)
Sometimes: A Tribute to Erasure (May 1999)
cd artwork, remastering, liner notes
essays, ponderings and scary fan stories
My Perfect Day June 2008
My Top Ten Lists for 2007
Adventures with Crowded House and Garbage 1.07
I was in Scary Spice's house this afternoon 1.07
My Top Ten Lists for 2006
Rod's Top Fifty Favorite Albums of All Time 2006
Rick Springfield and Bow Wow Wow Feb 2006
My Top Ten Lists for 2005
Danny Bonaduce Hit Me (and it felt like a kiss) (Sept 2005)
When Possums Attack Part 2 (Sept 2005)
Songs That "Get Me" (June 2005)
What is Disco? (June 2005)
There's a Varmint in my Kitchen! May 2005
Aren't You a Little Short for a Storm Trooper? May 18, 2005
Ruined Songs (Nov 2004)
What I Did Today (Nov 2004)
An ABBA Haiku (Nov 2004)
The Wild Boys Are Calling (Meeting Duran Duran) (Oct 2004)
What part of "No Onions" do you not understand? (Oct 2004)
Rod's Top Ten Steps out of Depression (2004)
And I Lay There (Feb 2003)
On Meeting Bjorn (ABBA) (or "I can almost die now") (Feb 2001)
things I like (by other people)
Candorville (4.06)
Frazz (3.06)
Boondocks (2.06)
Frazz (1.06)
Candorville (1.06)
In the Bleachers (12.05)
Dr Bethany's advice on dealing with Christmas (2005)
Frazz (12.05)
Get Fuzzy (2005)
Just Do It (1992)
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